• In her works, Anka Manshusen is looking for a new definition of matter - a matter which does not devote itself to what is present,
  • but rather reveals what is hidden behind it. The artist deals in a very individual way with the medium of photography, by using it
  • not to depict a reality found in the outside, but rather to create realities freed from imagery.
  • Starting from the real object in front of the studiocamera, she looks for the invisible, which is the basis of what is visible. So she
  • converts what is no longer depicted but abstracted. These can be extracted color elements, light-dark contrasts or the arrangement
  • of color pigments. In the resulting abstract images of light, matter becomes a manifestation of motion, which, in turn, propagates
  • intuitive vibrations.
  • beyond 1 / 2015 / 100x100cm, ed.5
  • beyond 10 - 9 / 2016 / 100x100cm, ed.5
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